Solo Father’s Day

Despite being alone on Father’s Day this year, I had such a wonderful week with my children as I traveled from Switzerland to SoCal to celebrate my daughter’s graduation from High School.   To be honest, I wavered between going and not going.  It was a long trip, there were lots of work issues that needed to be addressed, and I wasn’t sure of how much time I would be given.  In the end, it was a great trip and I would not exchange it for anything.

The week started Tuesday morning with a early morning flight to a work event in Brussels.  I learned a ton and the event made me realize how much I enjoy my career.  Much to my surprise, the latest Zwift update launched while I was in Brussels and with some time before my flight to the states on Wednesday, I jumped on the treadmill Wednesday morning and tried out the new London Expansion.  Much to my surprise, there were fans!!!  How fun was that!  I managed a nice run and then needed to head towards the airport.

The travel plan was Brussels to Frankfurt to Los Angeles to San Diego where I jumped on the rental car shuttle and then after a bit of a delay at the AVIS counter, got my car and drove to the hotel in Carlsbad.  It did feel really odd having 1) a rental car in San Diego and 2) staying in a hotel in Carlsbad given it was our home for 7 years.  But, I was tired, and fell asleep straight away looking forward to the morning.

Thursday was graduation day!  But it was in the afternoon….so I embraced the jet lag, had some coffee and drove to Alga Norte to make the 5:45 am morning masters swim session.  I paid my entry and slipped into the water that was my home for so many months.  I felt like a bit of an outsider but soon Sef arrived and we caught up.  I have not been swimming as much as I should have so I brought the paddles and tucked in behind Sef for the main set.  3100 meters later and I called for the handicapped extraction lift…sadly, it never arrived so I hoisted myself out of the pool and dried off.  Next stop, Starbucks!!!
Lucky me…Cody was doing an early morning run so we grabbed breakfast together and then hung out the whole day.  We ran some errands, then had tacos!!!  After a nap we decided it was in our best interest to go see Courtney graduate.  So we jumped in the filthy Honda and arrived at CHS.  I didn’t receive a very warm welcome from the ex and her family so I grabbed a spot on the fence and enjoyed the graduation ceremony solo.  I really could have used J. Lindsay at my side but she was at a work event in Colorado so I made it through.

Once the caps were tossed in the air, I used my speed to jump the fence and find my daughter!!

Next to arrive was my other little ones and we took some nice pictures!

As everyone had plans, I was left to do dinner by myself.  I had something simple and then went to bed.

Friday!!!  Back to the pool and I get to hang out with some more of my friends from the past master’s sessions. I toweled off and next up was breakfast with my new graduate, Courtney!  We talked about her senior year and her year coming up where she will be a attending Purdue.  I was a bit surprised by the midwest selection, but I think that she will fit in and enjoy her time there (assuming she cuts her hair!!!!).  Once my daughter left for Grad Night, I was free to run US errands!!   I got a hair cut, did this, that and the next thing and after a nap, was on the road to Torrey Pines for a run with Markus. We had a nice run, great chat and it is always nice to talk with Markus who is from Switzerland.  I love saying I am from Switzerland and getting the response: “you don’t even have an accent!”

After a quick shower, I head to Encinitas to have dinner with Kendall and Cody.  Kendall has been on my mind each and every day since early in the year.  Every day I reach out to her and don’t get a response makes me worry.  Fortunately, as I arrive to our dinner spot, I see her smiling and it brings a tear to my eye.  I brush it away and sit down with Kendall and Cody.  They are so excited and want to give me my Father’s Day’s gifts.  I think this is the first year they on their own have gotten me something for Father’s Day.

They each had really nice cards for me 🙂  Julie has really made an impression on them and that makes me so happy.  Next came the gifts, in a very special gift bag.  They were both so excited and it meant the world to me that they took the time to get me something.  The thought was there as well…they know me and know what I would like.  It was the best evening ever!!!  The only negative was that it was not Sunday, and I would be on my own.  But knowing the love I had just experienced, I didn’t need to have any companionship on Sunday, just their love!  I had that and while on a plane for most of the day, I did get in a little swim, bike and run!!!


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