Switzerland, I am here!!!

Northern California, Southern California, and now Switzerland!!

It wasn’t a planned move, by any stretch of the imagination, but when the opportunity presented itself, I decided a change would be beneficial both professionally and personally.

Let’s just say, packing up and moving from one continent to another is not an easy task!  I am thankful for the support from my company, Edwards Lifesciences for their support in this adventure.  November and December were crazy months as we stepped into and out of escrow before finally locking in on an offer that allowed us to close on our home on Kyanite Place.  I still love the video that Markus, my Team-Zoot teammate and realtor, created to help market our home.  Oh, and Markus is from Switzerland, so we had lots of talks about Switzerland and I introduced him to Alga Norte….North County’s best aquatic center!!

But when the dust settled, we sold the home, packed up our things in a container and took the flight to Geneva!

I must say, the first few weeks were tough.

I was by myself while Julie stayed in California to wrap up her domestic duties with Silk Road Medical.  Her place was much nicer than my toddler IKEA decorated “studio” apartment in Commugny. I had to check in here, sign this, check in there and sign that.

My first check in…Commungy!

It was exhausting and as a result, I bought a new bike!!!

It is a Canyon Cross bike…perfect for the farm roads!

Moving from my own home to the basement of another families house took some getting used to, but I kept busy by running and cycling (and working!).  I even found a few pools to swim in!

After a month of living in 25m2, I found our permanent home!!!

 It is only 10km from work and I can ride my bike to work!!!  Riding home, that is a different story, as we are half-way up the Jura mountains (shhh….a stage of the Tour de France finishes a few kilometers from here 🙂 ).  So, pretty much every activity begins with the up-hill or down-hill debate. Most of the time I choose down-hill and then pay for it later 🙂

That all being said, I couldn’t be happier!!!  The birds wake up early!!!  We get snow on occasion!!!  I live at altitude so my fitness is amazing!

I could not have done this without the amazing support of my bride Julie who when approached with the idea, said “sure”!

While we downsized the house and now try and cook using electric heat, it will only be a manner of time before we embrace the smell of cow and get our shopping done on Saturday as Sunday is “Make Sport” day!

And I get to watch bike races!!!


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