Well, Hello Whistler!

It is summer time, so what would be better than a family vacation combined with a triathlon!!! In my mind, nothing….so I packed up the bride and three kids and off to Canada we went! Well, they packed themselves…and it is not like I put them in bags and brought them to Canada to dispose of them…you get the picture 🙂  Here is proof they made it alive!

We made it!

SAN-SFO-YVR is the plan…and it works!  Well, getting to SAN was a challenge but we made it.  We arrive to Vancouver, manage to get through immigration and cross out fingers that bike, gear and all five checked bags make it.  Luckily they do and we head to the rental car company to pick up our “Full Sized SUV”.  Our offering from Avis was a sporty SUV capable of holding 5 people and maybe 1 bag.  So three jump in to a cab while the boy and I tear apart the car and manage to fit bike plus bags into the vehicle and drive into town.

Cody is in there waving!


#SPGLife  View from the Westin Bayshore Vancouver

We had a blast exploring Vancouver and everyone loved the seawall and Stanely park.  And we even had family time that allowed us to practice our “Go Away Coyote” chant!

Totems in Stanley Park


Kendall confirming the water is really cold in Vanouver!


One of many amazing trails we enjoyed on Family Day in Vancoouver


We learned this in Vancouver and tried it in Whistler but for bears.


After a few fun filled days in Vancouver we dropped N=2 on the Vancouver-Whistler Express bus and headed up to the mountains.  What a spectacular drive and when we arrived in Whistler, it was so amazing.

Cody, out Olympic hopeful!

Sadly, this trip did not include ATV tours, zip-lining, downhill mountain biking or any other high injury risk sports as I was the one paying and there was a race on Sunday! #meandad

So we did some leisure activities (gondola ride, 1 mile walk, etc.) and got ready for the dance that was to take place on Sunday at 8:45 am.  Wait,…8:45, that is really late…I can sleep in, relax and then head to the race venue.  Nope, the shuttles to the start were primed for the 140.6 athletes and that meant everyone racing had to be at T1 by 6ish.  So race morning comes and I drink coffee, have a bagel and drive down to the bus stop.  Once in transition, I get the tires topped off, cut some electrical tape to secure my pitstop to my top tube (managed to snip my leg in the process…nice one Kevin), arrange my gear 30 times over and sit….stand….wait…wait some more….keep waiting….walk….stand….sit….sit in the grass….stand up….check out the swim start….sit….you get the picture.

And then it is go time!!!  I slip into my Huub Wetsuit and down a Boom Nutrition gel and test the water.  It is nice, mid 60’s but I’m getting a little leakage from my goggles so I make some adjustments and swim back to shore.  I cue up in the 30-35 minute pack and before you know it…cannon fires and the front people go for it!  I wait, and eventually it is my time to jump in the water complements of a rolling start.  I am faced with a rectangular course with three left turns, oh and a dock to try not to run into but try and get as close as I can to optimize my swim distance.

My past four 70.3 swims have all been in the 33 minute range and this one proved no different…33:08 by IM timing…my lowest time aside from the abbreviated NOLA race!  I allow the wetsuit strippers to remove the Huub and I grab my T1 bag and dash into the tent.  I grab my Smith Optics Overtake helmet, then my blue Shimano tri shoes, a few gels complements of Boom Nutrition and busted out of the tent looking for my bike.  I find the BMC TM01 set up with front and rear Zipp 808’s and head to the mount line.


This was going to be a rough bike.  down, then up, then down and up again.  Here  is what the ride looked like on Strava:

I did have moments of being in the aero bars, so those were fun!


Anyway, after two Bonk Breaker bars and some delicious Skratch Labs Matcha Tea Hydration I am ready to finish this ride.  You can see the stats of my ride on Strava. The best part about doing the 70.3 when there is a full being run in conjunction is the transitions are all set up for the full IM athletes…and we as the 70.3athletes, get to take advantage of that!  So, I loved being able to pass off my BMC to a bike handler and move on to the run.  Next up…13 miles of running in the woods.

Once on the run, here is what I wanted to look like:

But sadly I am not 20, so things look a little different.  My run was not what I wished for, but it is what it is given my run fitness.  So I took the pain to the finish and decided to capitalize on the finish shoot. I enjoyed many high 5’s and nearing the finish, I checked over my shoulder and launched the Drisko “There is a snake” finish jump!

Once across the line I donated my Team Zoot visor to the crowd, got my medal, took the finisihing shoot shower and hugged the loved ones who sacrifice so much to support me. We had an amazing vacation and I think I sold a few of the little ones on tri life and Canada!


2 thoughts on “Well, Hello Whistler!

  1. Linda Lindsay says:

    I loved reading this.. What an amazing journey for all of you. Even in my younger years could not have had the discipline to do what you have done with your training.

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