Things are evolving. 

It was the first race of the year last weekend, Super Seal, and I could have reported on how I did on the early season Swim, Bike, Run but instead, I decided to write a post on the mental and physical fortitude that is required to achieve this year’s goals. With a schedule as a Team Zoot athlete that includes a few 70.3 and another pass at 140.6, time in the saddle is going to be critical. Prior to last year, I was an always outside rider. The sun, the wind, the rain hardens you. The stop lights of Southern California kill you!  So when Zwift was developed, I jumped on the bandwagon to aid in my training. Last year was stellar and so I figured let’s keep a good thing going. But how long could I really ride on the trainer?  Two years ago, my max would have been an hour. Last year, I think I maxed at 1:30. There was a challenge in front of me…100km. Let’s see if I made it!

Ironically, this was the first big ride using the new Kickr smart trainer. I had previously been using the Kurt Kinetic trainer and so I did not have much appreciation for the rolling nature of the Watopia course.  Using the Kurt, I just pedal at a constant rate and Zwift adjusts my speed given the gradient. Using the Kickr, the course fights back and I had no idea how lumpy the “Flat” course was. 

Regardless, I had a goal, 100km, and by 5am I was saddled up with three full bottles of Skratch Labs Macha, a few Bonk Breaker Bars and a nice sampling of Boom Gels. 

My first hour was essentially solo. Just turning the pedals and pushing the watts 😜. Taking in the sites was a little dull, so I punched it on a few reverse sprint segment and did a little tempo to see if I could grab a few jerseys. BAM!!!  


 With the orange in the bag, it was time to focus on the next 50km. Scott Green, who I met at the Chicago ITU race, was about to jump on and we came up with a plan to do some Old School Watopia laps together. Having the double Green/Orange added to the fun!


It was great to have the company and before long we were rocking the Green and Orange jerseys!!


The kilometers rolled by many play lists later, I hit 100km!!  

I had fears this was going to be horribly painful but thanks to my @teamzoot kit, it was a comfort session!  The reward at the end was a sodium rich Bloody Mary!!!

To date, I have ridden over 150 hours on Zwift. I’m a mere 15km from level 25 and I think have only one jersey left to unlock. It is the 100 miler. If I am insane enough to get it, I will post it here!  

I decided to add some of my favorite Zwift photos here. Join and #rideon 



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