May I Introduce to you … 2015!

My goals are simple as I embark on a new year in both life and sport.  I know it is March, so no need to judge, let’s just lay it out there:

  1. Have fun,
  2. Enjoy what I am doing, and
  3. Involve those that support me.

Pretty simple, but extremely fundamental in generating a balance in life and sport.  And as I reflect on things, this is where the focus needs to be.

2014 was full of sporting achievements I never would have dreamed of.  Here is a quick recap:

Race #1 – Oceanside 70.3 and a new PR!!! 5:06


Race #2 – Spring Sprint Duathlon – 1st Overall!!!  That was fun!


Race #3 – Kansas 70.3 and another PR!!! 4:53


Since this was my best performance to date…let’s add another picture 🙂


From Kansas, I went home to Santa Rosa and raced the Vineman 70.3 for the 3rd time.  I was looking for something big here and what I got was a super fast bike and a run we won’t discuss.  On the positive, I was able to spend a great weekend with my family (I will spare my sister Laura the picture where Katie and I gawk at her sleeve) and I got a pretty good swim exit picture!  How often does that happen?


From here I went on to race the USAT Age Group Nationals event and set a PR for the Olympic distance race despite have the crap beat out of me on the swim!  A few more local races followed and 2014 ended with me being Ironman 70.3 AWA Gold (see that at as well as USAT All American.  I have to say, I never would have expected these achievements!

As I turn towards 2015, I have new sponsors, a new coach and a whole list of new races I’m going to enjoy.

I was selected to race for Team Zoot in 2015 and could not be more excited.  Ironically, my first 70.3 I raced in a rented Zoot wetsuit, now, I am part of the squad…Go #TeamZoot!!  And for a 2nd year, the best sports drink ever…Skratch Labs has decided to support me!!!  I’m all about that #Matcha!!!

I am so excited to be coached by Grant Burwash this year.  Grant stayed with Julie and I when he raced Oceanside as a pro in 2012 and 2013.  In addition to his baking skills and charming personality that won over the home crowd, he is very current on exercise physiology and nutrition and has been an incredible resource to me.  I can not thank him enough for enduring our dropped calls and my random and extensive travel schedule.  We are doing our best and I hope that 2015 turns out to be an ass kicker! Here is where you can find me and my family!  See you there!

  • IM 70.3 NOLA – That is in April!
  • Spring Sprint Tri/Du – This one is in May!
  • IM 70.3 Victoria – June baby!
  • Carlsbad Tri – July…usually my birthday
  • Des Moines Triathlon – September…Racing in Iowa
  • IM Tempe – October…just announced!!!

One thought on “May I Introduce to you … 2015!

  1. journalismguy says:

    We’re really happy to see this recap and your schedule for the upcoming season. Linda and I hope to make it to some of these events to cheer you on! Congratulations for the great accomplishments of this past season!

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