Hello Race Season

Well, the season has arrived and race #1 this year is the Oceanside Ironman 70.3.  Ironically, it is a race I have never competed in, despite the course being in my back yard.  Volunteering at the race for several years has given me an appreciation for the excellent race organization as well as the collaboration with the Marines from Camp Pendleton.  Race day is Saturday, March 29th, one day before my bride’s birthday, so the plan is get it done and get ready to party on Sunday!!!  

I’m into my second year of training with PRSFit and Coach Jeff specifically.  Last year, Jeff prepared me for IMCDA and the rest of the season which was packed with PRs from beginning to end.  I can not thank him enough for guiding me to a whole new level of fitness and results.  This year we decided was dedicated to 70.3 and if all goes well, a qualification for Worlds, this year to be held in Canada. So after the last race of the season, the base building was underway.  To help support the team for the new season, I volunteered to design/coordinate the 2014 team kit.  Here it the team jersey and if all goes well, I will be rocking the team kit at Oceanside!!!


I was very excited to find out early in the year that Skratch Labs added me as a taste agent!!! They have been great so far this year and very supportive of my racing and nutrition needs.  I have been a big fan of their hydration products as well as their company for a number of years and can not wait to represent them this year.  And while I debated between the trucker hat and the visor option for Oceanside, I landed on the visor.  It’s a great look and should #matchymatch just fine with the Team PRSFit kit.


To stay motivated through the winter, I signed the team up for the USAT Team Challenge.  We are pretty small in numbers and so we were placed in Division V.  In December I was a maniac!  I don’t think I missed a single day of training (yes, the harsh San Diego winter was tough). The team did great and while we were edged out for top honors by the team from Harrisburg, PA on the swim and bike months, we took them in the run!  And like Coach Jeff always says “Runners win Ironman!”  I stayed steady through most of January but then work started to get in the way.  It is of course a necessary evil, and while I wish I could dedicate my days to training, this is not the life I lead.  So a few trips overseas and BAM, it is race week!!!!

This weekend was pretty quiet with regards to training as I head into taper land and so it gave me the chance to clean up my bike, put on some new bar tape and buy a new helmet (just the new helmet pictured). 


Oh, and if you have any birthday gift ideas for my bride, I would appreciate them as I’m sure getting up at the crack of dawn to stand in the cold is not on the top of her list 🙂

Show time in 6 days and I can’t wait!!!


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