Its been a long off season

so i am back, after what appears to be 6 months.  I apologize to those that love my skill set when it comes to blogging.  this year, I vow to do better.

2012 has been a year more focused on work travel and less on the things I really like…swim, bike, run.

racing this year has been limited.  i guess the total number of events is two.  but, i have managed to achieve a significant air mile status so far as well as contribute to the family hotel points.  needless to stay, if I ever get to race somewhere fun, travel will not be an issue.

first race of the year was my beloved TriClub of SanDiego’s Carlsbad Duathlon.  pre-race i scanned my training to see where I was compared to last year…good news, more running, bad news was my bike was below last year’s level.  despite that, i made my way to the start at the metrolink station and parked amongst the other minis.  my friend from last year tim price was there and we had a good pre-race chat.  before I knew it I was lined up and off on the first run.  I settled into a good pace for the first run of about 2.3 miles.  I think i was in about 11th at that time and got on the bike.  I made a few quick passes and then had to really work for a few more.  I decided enough was enough and just coasted home with the 5th fastest time on the day.  rolling into T2 i was just ahead of the 1st woman.  we had warmed up together and i was just behind her after t1.  she came flying in and says “i was trying to catch you the whole time after you passed me”  my response, “well i bet  you will fly past me 1/4 of a mile away from here” and blew out of T2 in about 5th spot.  i felt like crap on the second run and was pleased that I was sub 7-min/mile on my exit.  but as predicted, fast chick came by about 1/2 a mile into the run.  I stayed as close as I could and was only passed by one additional runner on the way to the line.  So I settled with 8th overall.

more travel and a hamstring injury has left me spending evenings at the pool.  why is it that every time I feel my speed coming on I get hit with a leg injury…its starting to bug me…but I have the bike and so yesterday was the TCSD Fiesta Island 20k TT.  i got there early and “warmed-up” for a good hour.  once it was time to start I was ready.  i was number 17 and after clicking in dusted my “even” starting partner.  #16 arrived late and had a rolling start so he was my target.  he was rolling with a disk in the rear and in only a few minutes I was positioned nicely behind him (draft legal) and used him to gauge my effort.  the course was 3 laps of 4 miles each.  due to the wind, it seemed like 2/3 was a headwind and the remaining 1/3 was a cross wind with limited tail wind.  lap 1 felt good and controlled, lap 2 was tough and certain parts were starting to tingle making me think i had not picked the best pair of shorts or spent enough time going hard in the saddle.  by lap 3, everything was numb and I put that behind me (aside from knowing those shorts will never be part of a hard effort again).  i was keeping a good distance with #16 but he was pulling away.  one last headwind section and I left it all out there.  i let #16 pip me by a few seconds and when the results came out, I was 6th, with a time just under 31 minutes.  my garmin posted a much better time, but I will take the official time as I was over 24 mph average for the day.  that was a huge benchmark for me and I can’t wait to improve.

so races this year are as follows:

Encinitas Du – in May (will be flying back from Europe that week so we will see how it goes)

Tri-Rocks Seattle – in July (can’t wait!)

Tri-Rocks San Diego (new bike course) – in Sept

A 70.3 sometime late in the year.

Now I know to plan a year in advance…2013 will be the year of the ironman!




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